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Setting New Standards

In the export business, a transaction is complete only when the product is delivered, the documentation is filed and the payment is secured. Expertise and attention to every detail ensure success while the omission of a single form or the failure to follow every procedure can sink a deal before the ship even leaves port.

TMX Shipping containerUnderstanding protocol, tending to the minutest details, and providing customized service are the trademarks of TMX Shipping, since 1985 the standard in freight forwarding services. With two offices in North America and partnerships around the world, we aggressively seek better ways to serve our customers, who hold us to the highest of possible standards: OUR OWN.

At TMX, we expect more from ourselves, so our customers get more from us than from any other freight forwarder. Absolute professionalism and expertise. Unmatched service and value. Whatever and wherever you export, TMX Shipping can get it there at the most competitive rate available. Anything less would not be up to TMX standards.

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  Customized TMX

TMX Shipping is founded on strong customer service, which we call Customized TMX: every TMX customer has just one account manager who oversees every phase of that customer's cargo shipments. We accomplish this feat by training every employee with the skills needed to move cargo around the world.

With our one-person service system, no detail is mishandled or falls through the cracks like those often found in multi-layered service departments. With only one contact to know, a TMX customer can call precisely whom they need for a status report, information on other shipments, or to request a quote. Their TMX account rep is an expert who can handle it all.